Ken Thomasma founded Grandview Publishing - a Jackson Hole-based publishing company - in 1987. Grandview Publishing carries all nine books in the Amazing Indian Children Series, in addition to a non-fiction title and books on CD. 

The first book in the Amazing Indian Children Series, Naya Nuki: Girl Who Ran was published in 1983, followed by Soun Tetoken: Nez Perce Boy Tames a Stallion in 1984. Two years later, in 1986, Ken completed Om-Kas-Toe: Blackfeet Twin Captures an ElkdogKunu: Winnebago Boy Escapes was published in 1989, followed by Pathki Nana: Kootenai Girl Solves a Mystery in 1991. Three years later, in 1994, Ken completed Moho Wat: Sheepeater Boy Attempts a Rescue and the next year published Amee-nah: Zuni Boy Runs the Race of His Life. 1n 1999 Doe Sia: Bannock Girl and the Handcart Pioneers was published. The most recent book in the series, Takini: Lakota Boy Alerts Sitting Bull, was published in 2003. 

Ken's popular non-fiction book, The Truth About Sacajawea, was published in 1997. 

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