Storytelling & Workshops
"He liked my descriptive words and sentences that were complete and exciting," she [fifth-grader Allie Parker] said. "I like writing a lot more now. I want to be a writer when I grow up." 
-Eagle Valley Enterprise, 2002 
"Comments from students included, 'I never knew I could write before he came," and "Can you believe I sit in class and can't even write two sentences, and I wrote a whole page for him!'"

"The students and teachers expressed enthusiasm and appreciation to Thomasma for sharing his knowledge and experience with them." 
-Wood River Journal, 2005
"Doug Armitage, a fifth-grade teacher at McGhee [Elementary] said he likes Thomasma's teaching formula. 'I think he's really given these kids some tools to write with, and he's motivational. I think that's an important part of getting kids to write.'"
-Lewiston Morning Tribune, 2000
Interested in having Ken Thomasma visit your school?

Author Ken Thomasma will visit your school for a great day of storytelling and writing seminars that will promote both reading and writing. A 40-minute storytelling assembly to begin will set the rapport for his writing seminars, great for any age group. Ken's storytelling is truly captivating for all ages! During the 45-minute writing seminars, Ken explains his 12 tips that help students produce their own great writing. Each student receives a copy of these 12 tips for improving their writing and becoming authors themselves! Ken can do a combination of storytelling and writing seminars totaling a maximum of five sessions a day. 

For no additional charge, you can schedule a family night of storytelling and invite the whole community! It includes his great presentation on Sacajawea and the Lewis and Clark Expedition, followed by some excellent giveaways! Ken will also take time to personalize and autograph his books during the daytime and evening programs. It will be an exciting day, one to remember for everyone!

Ken will give one day of presentations (five daytime sessions and an optional evening storytelling) for $950.00 plus travel expenses and a motel (no cost for meals). Ken will come with an ample supply of all ten books. For the sale of books, Ken will bring all necessary materials, eliminating almost all of the work! Books will be sold at a discount to all who attend a seminar or storytelling, and schools will receive a special offer for classroom sets (ten or more books) at tremendous discounts. 

Contact us for more information or to schedule a visit from Ken Thomasma!