In the midst of a wildfire a tiny charcoal-colored kitten was found in a stack of supplies.
It was the fictional firefighter and pilot, Sam, who rescued the tiny kitten and gave him the name Cinder, a home and a job with Teton County Search and Rescue.
The story of Sam and Cinder is the foundation of the newly released children’s book “Cinder Rescue Cat,” written by Melissa Thomasma and illustrated by Kelly Halpin.
Sam and Cinder become partners at the beginning of the story. Sam nurses Cinder to health and within their first day together they are airborne and on a firefighting mission. After a summer at base camp, Sam and Cinder return home to the Tetons, where they work rescuing skiers and snowboarders with Teton County Search and Rescue.
But on one fateful day, the helicopter crashes while they are on a mission. The humans, too injured to get help with a useless radio, need help fast. Cinder was injured in the crash, but braves the storm to meet rescuers and lead them back to his friends.